Map of the Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust (OHFT) was formed as the Western Isles Fisheries Trust (WIFT) in 1996. The Trust is a charitable, community based organisation conducting scientific research into wild fish stocks and advising on freshwater fisheries management.

OHFT is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.

The Trust works closely with Fisheries Management Scotland (FMS), Marine Scotland Science (MSS), the Association of Salmon Fisheries Boards (ASFB) and the Western Isles District Salmon Fisheries Board (WIDSFB). The Trust employs three members of staff.

Funding for OHFT is received from a variety of sources including a grant from the Western Isles District Salmon Fisheries Board, public sector grants for specific projects and from charitable donations.

OHFT is a member of the Project Advisory Group (PAG) for the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Hebridean Mink Project and is also represented on the Lewis and Harris Biodiversity Action Group, the Lewis and Harris Deer Management Group, the Coastal Zone Management Group, the Woodland Planning Group, the Loch nam Madaidh Marine Site Special Area of Conservation; the Langavat Special Area of Conservation and on aquaculture Area Management Groups.