July 13th 2017:-

Fisheries Management Scotland have produced a general advice note on the recent captures of Pacific pink salmon in Scottish waters: Fisheries Management Scotland – Statement RE- Pacific Pink salmon . This provides general  background information on the species and the recommended action to take.

January 9th 2017:-

Stornoway Port Authority (SPA) has prepared a Draft Masterplan for Stornoway Port. This is now the subject of public consultation. The purpose of the master plan is to provide a structured framework for the physical development and transformation of Stornoway Port over the next 20 years.

In order to inform the masterplan, SPA is undertaking a programme of stakeholder and community consultations to ensure relevant community views are taken into account.

November 7th 2016:-

Exposing Scottish Government’s ludicrously inflated adult salmon estimates – Salmon & Trout Conservation UK – Exposes Scottish Government’s Ludicrously Inflated Adult Salmon Estimates

October 28th 2016:-

Virulent disease at Marine Harvest salmon farms raises concerns over potential impacts on wild fish – Virulent disease at Marine Harvest salmon farms

October 21st 2016:-

The following email regarding aquaculture problems in Lewis & Harris was sent out by the OHFT Senior Biologist to OHFT Trustee’s and Proprietors on Oct 21st and the OHFT Biologist’s Assistant sent it to all Angling Clubs/Associations, Fishery Managers/Keepers etc on Oct 25th –  Aquaculture Email

October 5th 2016:-

Conservation Regulations 2016 regarding escapee farmed salmon

September 23rd 2016:-

As you may know, ASFB and RAFTS have a Joint Working Group which has been meeting regularly and generating ideas to feed into the Wild Fisheries Reform process. The Group has been meeting formally since about January 2015 and we have been communicating the work of the Group through members meetings, monthly updates, bulletins and published minutes on the ASFB and RAFTS websites HERE

September 22nd 2016:-

RAFTS, in partnership with SEPA’s Water Environment Fund and the Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust has successfully project managed the removal of a significant barrier to fish migration on the Morsgail Estate on the Isle of Lewis. This can be viewed on the RAFTS website at: Fish Barrier On Isle Of Lewis Removed

July 20th 2016:-

Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland have submitted a petition to Scottish Government calling for regulation of sea lice to protect wild salmonids. The draft petition can be viewed: Public Petitions Committee – Protecting Wild Salmonids (PE1598)

July 20th 2016:-

Reporting to the Marine Scotland & Local Fisheries Biologist Liaison Group (MSLFBLG), four technical working groups have been established to refine components of the Conservation Regulations assessment. The aim and membership of these groups can be viewed HERE.

May 11th 2016:-

Salmon & Trout Association Scotland

Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland makes formal complaint to European Commission on Scottish Government’s failure to address the impacts of sea lice parasites produced by Scottish salmon farms threatening west coast wild salmon and sea trout. Further information can be viewed HERE.

April 25th & 26th 2016:-

SFCC Scale Reading/Training Course

Both Paul Hopper (OHFT Senior Biologist) and Donnie Maciver (OHFT Biologist’s Assistant) attended the SFCC Scale reading/Training Course held at the Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust office in April. Information regarding the course can be viewed HERE.

March 17th 2016:-

ASFB/RAFTS Annual Conference

For your information, the presentations made at the ASFB/RAFTS Conference can be viewed at the links on the Conference page HERE.

February 23rd 2016:-

Salmon Conservation Measures

Legislation was laid in the Scottish Parliament earlier today to introduce a package of conservation measures (including a separate Order covering the Tweed District) to manage the exploitation of Atlantic salmon.  The measures come into force on 31 March 2016 and take effect from 1 April.

Key aspects of the regulations which have now been laid are:

  • Killing beyond estuary limits will be prohibited for three years due to the mixed stock nature of the fishery and limited data on the composition of the catch
  • The killing of Atlantic salmon in inland waters will be managed on an annual basis by categorising fishery districts by their conservation status
  • A requirement to have a Conservation Plan irrespective of the conservation status
  • The introduction of carcass tagging for net-caught fish for areas in category 1 and 2, which are to be sold commercially (including a separate Order covering the Tweed District). The costs for producing the tags will, in the first instance, be subsumed by Marine Scotland.

The Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform has announced additional support for angling clubs potentially impacted by new regulations.

February 10th 2016:-

Outer Hebrides Conservation Limits News Bulletin

WIDSFB wishes to update all anglers fishing in the Outer Hebrides during 2016 of the Governments conservation limits. The whole of the Outer Hebrides with the exception of Borve Lodge Estate, Obbe Fishery, North Harris SAC and Langavat SAC will fall under category 3. Category 3 is defined below:

Grade 3 Less than 60% mean probability of CL being met in the last 5 years. – Exploitation is unsustainable and mandatory catch and release (all methods) for 1year will be required. Management action is necessary to reduce exploitation and production of a conservation plan is required in consultation with Marine Scotland.

The conservation measures come into effect from April 1st following on from the national statutory spring salmon regulations. Any anglers who catch a salmon should follow the advice for safely releasing the fish below.

“An Anglers Guide to Catch & Release”

Any person fishing who does not obey the new mandatory catch and release and retains a salmon will be reported to Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Department. Anybody who wishes to report any suspicion regarding illegally retaining salmon should call 0131 2719700.

February 8th 2016:-
Draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill/Draft Wild Fisheries Strategy: a consultation.

This Consultation is designed to give stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback on the approach currently being taken as we continue to develop the legislative provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill.
Interest(s):Business, Industry and Innovation , Economy , Environment and Climate Change , Public Sector , Marine and Fisheries
Team:Wild Fisheries Reform Team
This consultation is open until 2 May 2016

In January 2014, the First Minister announced that a Wild Fisheries Review would be undertaken during 2014. The aims of the review can be viewed at: Wild Fisheries Review

Marine Scotland link regarding seal licencing –