Fisheries Management Planning

OHFT Fisheries Management Plan – Summary Report 2012

OHFT Fisheries Management Plan

Project Description:

Although fishery management plans have been produced in parts of Scotland for some time, there is no formal requirement for and no comprehensive network of such plans.  However, RAFTS and its members are currently taking forward a programme of fishery management plan preparation and implementation supported by a grant of £400k from the Scottish Government in each of the years 2008/09 to 2010/11.

The fishery management planning project will deliver:

  • A network of fishery management plans prepared by fishery trusts and participating District Salmon Fishery Boards across Scotland (by end of year 2008/09);
  • An ongoing programme of genetic sampling and analysis of Atlantic salmon populations to support local management through the better understanding of in river genetic populations and variation (all project years); and
  • A wide and varied suite of projects implementing fishery management plans across Scotland reflecting local management priorities (all project years).

Individual Fishery Management Plans:

These plans were finalised at the end of 2008/09 following a period of public consultation and review during preparation.  Considering the fish and fisheries of each plan area and the problems and range of management actions required these plans will form the basis upon which our important and valuable fish populations and fisheries will be managed in the years to come.

The production of such plans for the first time will allow the sector to play an increasingly full and positive role in environmental management and protection in Scotland by, for example, providing a means to link and support, and be supported and recognised by, other initiatives including:

  • Water Framework Directive implementation
  • River Basin and Area Management Plan preparation and implementation
  • Development planning
  • Management of designated conservation sites and areas
  • Catchment and coastal zone management plans
  • Local Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Developing Biosecurity action plans

OHFT Fishery Management Plan

The OHFT Fishery Management Plan was issued in early 2009 following consultation with over 50 stakeholders. The main priorities for action set out in the plan are:

  • Angling Promotion
  • Catchment management
  • Education
  • Practical Advice to fisheries and other stakeholders
  • Biosecurity planning
  • Research and monitoring
  • Removal of barriers to migration

For more information about the Fishery Management Planning project please contact the Trust Biologist.