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The project will undertake investigative surveys into juvenile salmon numbers in freshwater lochs throughout the Hebrides. It is then hoped that pending the results, the survey work could be developed into a course of study for a PhD. OHFT have successfully raised the funds required to purchase a new seine net which will make the surveys possible. The main project objective is to see if juvenile salmon  are present in fresh water lochs and if salmon are found to be making the most of Hebridean loch habitat, then we can find out to what extent.

the Trust will carry out the initial survey work and attempt to answer the preliminary question: are juvenile salmon present in lochs? If salmon are found, the opportunity exists to develop the work and answer to what extent. Answering this question would involve surveying over longer periods of time on different sites to establish ternds across the Hebrides. Scottish Government have themselves said "there is remaining uncertainty over the distribution of Salmon in Lochs

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