Catch and Release

Catch & Release is an important conservation measure for Fisheries. “An Anglers Guide to Catch & Release” provides simple and clear guidance for anglers who wish to return fish.
Releasing a fresh-run grilseReleasing a grilse to the Junction Pool on the Garynahine RiverA coloured cock grilse being returned to the Garynahine RiverReleasing a 3lb-8oz grilse to the Garynahine RiverA coloured cock grilse being returned£lb-8oz grilse being returned to Shiptons Pool on the Garynahine River

The Angling Promotion Officer (APO) was instrumental in setting up the Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust “Catch & Release” competition in order to raise awareness of the need for sustainable exploitation of fish stocks throughout the islands. The Catch & Release competition is also featured on the Fish Hebrides website.