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To find out more about the Trust, our islands and the partners we work with, click any of the links below.

Formally established as the Western Isles Fisheries Trust in 1996, read about our history, purpose and who we work closely with.

Learn more about the freshwater landscape and geology of the Outer Hebrides. From rugged moorland to crystal clear waters of the beaches  and all the freshwater lochs in between.

An informative page on the life cycle of Atlantic Salmon, conservation status, what their presence means for Hebridean fresh waters and the Scottish economy. 

  • Annual and Current Projects

  • Past Projects

  • Sea Trout Tagging

  • Fisheries Management

  • Angling Promotion

  • Aquaculture

Experience angling in the Outer Hebrides - World renowned game fishing in some of the finest scenery imaginable with over 7,500 freshwater lochs/lochans in an archipelago stretching 210km.

Latest funding and support sources, ways you can help, Sponsorship, Donations, Gift Aid

Our latest publications, reports, newsletters and notices. You can also see news and decisions from Fisheries Management Scotland, Scottish Government, Consultations & Action Plans.

All publications available to download as a PDF.

Third parties and bodies the Trust work closely with. Contact information for local council, other governing bodies, Trusts and sources of public information. 


The Trust have carried out a variety of contract work throughout the Outer Hebrides, including habitat and fish surveys for Scottish Water, Wave and Windfarm developments, Hydro schemes and Aquaculture industry expansion.


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