The Angling Promotion Officer (APO), acts as a focal point for angling tourism in the Outer Hebrides. The APO has represented the Outer Hebrides in supporting Visit Scotland and Fish Pal at both the Scottish and CLA Game Fairs. The APO is the franchise manager for the Fish Hebrides website where the majority of fisheries in the Outer Hebrides are now featured. Any anglers wishing to visit the Hebrides are advised to contact the estate they wish to fish on or check availability through Fish Hebrides. Updates of all the latest catches from throughout the Hebrides can be found here. Trout & Salmon magazine, the main monthly game fishing magazine for the UK and Ireland also features reports from the Outer Hebrides submitted by the APO.

A survey was carried out in 2000 by M.A. James to examine the Economic value of game angling to the Outer Hebrides. He found that about 7,500 game anglers (5% of all visitors) visited the Isles in 1999 and 2300 island residents did some freshwater fishing. The capital value of Outer Hebrides fisheries was estimated to be around £17 million and indirect earnings were valued at around £6 million annually. Freshwater fisheries were found to support at least 260 full time equivalent jobs (3% of the working population).