Fisheries Management


Electro fishingThe Trust’s Biologist provides scientific advice on fisheries management. The Biologist represents the Western Isles District Salmon Fisheries Board on consultations for renewable energy schemes including major wind farm proposals and off shore wave energy schemes, road improvements, forestry schemes and for new and modified fish farm applications.

The Biologist and his team conduct fish stock assessments and habitat surveys, done in accordance to SFCC protocol. Their website can be accessed via the following. We also make numerous visits to fisheries and angling clubs. The Biologist and Angling Promotion Officer are continuing to run the Salmon in the Classroom project which is funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and the Crown Estate, with the aim of introducing Primary school children to ecological and environmental issues.

The Biologist and Trust staff continue to raise awareness for appropriate biosecurity measures in order to prevent the introduction of the Gyrodactylus salaris parasite and to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive non native species.