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Cattle and Riparian Zones

Determination of what is 'significant' in terms of erosion or poaching.

Livestock access to watercourses causes the loss of a range of pollutants including faecal bacteria, nutrients, suspended solids, organic material and ammonia to watercourses with subsequent impacts on water, and particularly bathing water quality. Bank destabilisation and loss of riparian habitat are also significant issues.

GBR 19 aims to limit significant erosion and poaching. Clearly it would be disproportionate to expect all land mangers to exclude all livestock from all watercourses. However, in places this will be required. Guidance is required on what constitutes significant poaching. This is described in Table 1 below. Accompanied by example photographs this guidance will be used by SEPA and SEARS staff, farmers adn their advisers to assess the significance of erosion and poaching and what constitutes a DP GBR non compliance.

Table 1 Livestock poaching, DP GBR/GAEC non compliance and solutions

Significant Poaching

Non-significant poaching



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