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Reports of Diseased Fish

An email from Fisheries Management Scotland

there are reports of small numbers of fish exhibiting signs of bleeding and/or ulceration being caught in Norway, Ireland and Scotland. These symptoms have been reported as being mainly along the area of the belly of the fish between the head and the tail. At the moment what is causing the trauma is unknown. Fisheries Management Scotland are liaising closely with Marine Scotland and samples have now been taken by the Fish Health Inspectorate. If you encounter a fish exhibiting these symptoms please contact the Fish Health Inspectorate immediately. If possible, the fish should be kept alive until the duty officer has provided advice as to the appropriate course of action.

It would be advisable, if you do catch and land one of these fish, to follow normal bio-security protocols and to disinfect your fishing tackle, landing net, waders and fishing jacket.

An image of a Norwegian fish is provided. Please do not hesitate to contact FMS if you require further information. We will provide further updates as and when new information is received.


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